Hertz Rent-A-Car has been hiding a dark secret from the public. While claiming to be No. 1 in customer service, it has been mass filing unverified and false police reports against its paying customers.

Countless innocent people have been arrested at gunpoint, jailed, and prosecuted. This overwhelmingly affects blacks and minorities, but has harmed those from all walks of life.

Hertz knows that its systems and policies are broken — and that it cannot track its cars, rental extensions, or payments — but its directors and officers have calculated that, instead of fixing the issues, it is far easier to make a false report and use the police as a taxpayer-funded repo service.

Now the corporation has declared bankruptcy while giving those same directors and officers millions of dollars in bonuses. Hertz is hoping that its evil conduct will be lost in the pandemic, and that the lives it has destroyed will be forgotten.

Cutting costs to increase profits at the expense of human life is intolerable.

It’s up to the public to let Hertz know that, in today’s day and age, it won’t get away with this.

Below are the stories of some of Hertz’s victims. One man had a heart attack when he was pulled over, another spent 6 months in jail. A mother of 10 was ripped away from her children.

If this has happened to you, let’s talk. Sign this petition to Hold Hertz accountable.

Hertz Victims

Julius Burnside — Georgia

Michael & Amanda Koss — Oklahoma

Nicole Stevens — Texas

Antwone Person — Illinois

Henry & Ayisha Essick

Howard Junious — California

Hanna “John” Ayoub — Delaware

Laketa Collins — Florida

Brian Steinberg — Nevada

Shontrell Higgs — Florida

Barbara Fernandez — Florida

Nancy Cullen-Smits & Ryan Smits — Virginia

Michelle Jones — Georgia

James & Stephanie Keene — Florida

Arthur Stepanyan — North Carolina

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